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Hudson River Valley

​Enjoying time upstate in the Hudson River Valley and we continue our quest to visit outdoor beauty by taking trips to see the Stonecroft Gardens in Cold Spring and OPUS 40 in Saugerties. Highly recommend both!

They are very different—one, lush extensive gardens with flowers, wooded areas and ponds very well maintained and the other extraordinary blue stone structures set against the splendor of the Catskill Mountains.

Daily swimming in our “Twin Lake” and cooking up a storm with all the fresh fruits and vegetables available this time of year in abundance. 4th of July saw us celebrating with friends on the other lake of the “Twin Lakes” to view the fireworks from a summer camp on that lake—spectacular! On the acting front, the published edition of THE RECLUSE AND HIS GUEST is out and I am so proud to have originated a role (Nevrika) in a Tennessee Williams play with Playhouse Creatures Theatre Co. at WalkerSpace in NYC. Something I never imagined happening in my acting career. Also, a poem of mine was published in the June 2016 issue of CHRONOGRAM (another first!).

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